Continuous Medical Education

STAR Hospitals has a long standing tradition of excellence in patient care, medical education and research. We recognize the importance of medical education as an integral component of the provision of quality health care, patient safety and the improvement of clinical outcomes. Our programs are designed to facilitate the practice of lifelong learning by our medical staff. In support of this principle, STAR Hospitals continues to develop CME programs that address the needs of physicians and other health care professionals locally, regionally and

Objective of the CME Program

"The purpose of STAR Hospitals continuing medical education (CME) program is to promote continuous improvement in patient health care by providing physicians and other health care professionals with high quality, evidence-based educational activities focusing on advances in medicine, new medical technology, biomedical research, and changes in the health care environment. The overall goal of the program is to improve physician knowledge and change competence and performance in practice."


These programs are planned and conducted by expert consultants in various medical specialities. The training programs are designed to help fellows develop critical clinical skills, perform effective diagnostic evaluation, and acquire the latest surgical and techniques - hands on training on surgical techniques, and a excellent patient care approach.

Our hospital has multiple clinical laboratories, modern operating theatres, intensive-care units, a fully computerized and networked Hospital Information System (HIS), a fully digital radiology department and spacious lecture halls.

One distinguishing characteristic of the STAR Hospitals is interdisciplinary collaboration. Educators and clinicians are dedicated to helping each other reach the common goals of improving people�s health and alleviating suffering from disease.

Recent CME Programs Conducted

  Topic  :  1.  Expanding Horizons of interventional  Cardiology  by Dr.  Ramesh Gudapati
              :  2.  Nephrology for Primary Care Physicians by Dr.  Jyothsna

Venue :  Hotel Minerva Ameerpet  Hyderabad       Date :  23 November,  2008
In Association  with IMA  Hyderabad  North branch

  Topics  :  1.  Expanding Horizons of interventional Cardiology by Dr.  Ramesh Gudapati
               :  2.  Management of  Ischemic  Stroke by Dr.  GVS Choudary
Venue :  API Hyderabad Trust Bankat Chandra Auditorium, Oasis Plaza, Abids, Hyderabad
Date   :  21stdec 2008   
In Association with Vysya Medical Graduates Association

Topics :  1.  Modern Cardiac Surgery Roll of General Practitioner by Dr. Gopichand Mannam

             :  2.  Epilepsy and Pregnancy by Dr.  GVS Choudary
             :  3.  Transradial Coronary Interventions by Dr. Ramesh Gudapati

Venue:  IMA Hall Venkateshwara  Nagar Rajahmundry
Date :  25 Jan 2009
IN Association with IMA Rajahmundry

Topic :  Multi Vessel Small Thoracotomy off - Pump CABG by Dr. Massimo G,  Lemma FS
Venue :   Star Hospitals, Banjara Hills
Date :  16th Feb 2009
In Association with  Invitation for Live Workshop

Topics :  1.  Epilepsy and pregnancy by Dr.  GVS Choudary

             :  2.  AKI (renal failure) in Pregnancy by Dr.  Jyothsna

Venue:  Hotel Anmol Continental, Opposite AP Secretariat,  Hyderabad
Date :  20thfeb 2009 
In Association with The Obstetrics & Gynecological  Society of Hyderabad 

Topics :  1.  Expanding Horizons of Interventional Cardiology by Dr.  Ramesh Gudapati

             :  2. Epilepsy and Pregnancy by Dr. GVS Choudhary

Venue :  S. V. Conference Hall , S. V. Complex,  Kurnool.
Date :  8th Mar 2009
In Association with Indian Medical Association, Kurnool Branch

Topics  : 1. Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction by Dr.  Ramesh Gudapati

              : 2. ESI Scheme by Dr.  K. K. P.  Rao

              : 3. Management of Ischemic Stroke by Dr. GVS Choudary
Venue :  The Central court Hotel Lakdikapool, Hyderabad
Date    :  21 mar 2009
In Association with AP Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes Association  

Topics : 1. Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke by Dr. GVS Choudary
             :  2. Diabetes and Kidney Disease by Dr. Jyothsna G

Venue : Vijayanagara-2, Katriya Hotels& Towers Somajiguda,  Hyderabad
Date    : 13thsep 2009
In Association with  Indian Medical Association

Topics : 1. Surgical Closure of VSD in Children with Pulmonary Hypertension & Elevated Pulmonary
                   Vascular  Resistance by Dr. Prof.  William M, Novick

              : 2. Interventions in CHD by Dr. Srinadh Rao
              : 3. The Role of Intensivist in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery by Dr.  Bhavanichali Konda
              : 4. Timing of Surgery in Congenital Heart Disease by Dr.  Anil Kumar
              : 5.  Reversible Cardiomyopathy by Dr.  Nitin K.  Rao.

Venue:  Katriya Hotels & Towers, Rajbhavan Road,  Hyderabad
Date: 12th Dec 2009

Topic :  Hypertension � Management  by Dr. Annam Sharath
Venue:  Parthasarathi Function Hall, Kalwakurthy,  Mahabubnagar
Date: 26th Jan 2010
In Association with Kalwakurthy Medical Association

Topics : 1.  Percutaneous Therapy of Congenital Heart Disease by Dr.  Nitin K. Rao
             : 2.  Timing of Surgery in Congenital Heart Disease by Dr. D. Anil Kumar

Venue :   IMA Hall, Eluru Road,  Governerpet,  Vijayawada
Date :  13th Feb 2010
In Association with  IMA Vijayawada

Topic :  Chest pain Evaluation In Primary Healthcare System by Dr. Annam Sharath Reddy
Venue :  Amangal Doctors Association Office Amangal, Mahabubnager
Date :  22nd Feb 2010
In Association with  Amangal Doctor�s Association

Topic :  Role of Laparoscopic Surgery In Obesity & Diabetes by Dr. B. Narsaiah
Venue:  Vijayanagar - 2. Katriya Hotels & Towers,  Somajiguda,  Hyderabad
Date:  21st mar 2010
In Association with Indian Medical Association Hyderabad  North branch.

Topics : 1. Recent Trends in Surgery For Coronary Artery Disease by Dr. Lokeswara Rao Sajja
             : 2.  Advances in Coronary Interventions by Dr. Ramesh Gudapati
             : 3. Pediatric Cardiac Interventions by Dr. Nitin K Rao
             : 4. Cardiac surgery in Neonates � Indian Perspective by Dr. Anilkumar D

Venue:  Park Hotel,  Beach Road,  Visakhapatnam.  
Date :  28th Mar 2010
In Association with  IMA Vishakhapatnam

Topic :  Monthly Academic Meet by Dr. Gopichand Mannam / Lokeswara Rao Sajja
Venue :  6thfloor Conference Hall, Star Hospitals, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Date:  31st  Mar 2010
In Association with Hyderabad Surgeons Society

Topics : 1.  Evaluation of chest pain management of Acute Myocardial Infarction  by Dr. Annam
                   Sharath Reddy

             : 2. Approach to Neonatal Heart Disease by Dr.  Nitin K. Rao
             : 3. Role of Laparoscopic Surgery in Diabetes & Obesity by Dr.  Narasaiah

Venue:  Auditorium Rohin Hospital,  Hanumakonda
Date : 21st April 2010
In Association with  Rohin Hospitals , Warangal

Topic:  Management of Terminally ill Patient by Dr.  Dilip Nandamuri
Venue:  Conference hall,  BHEL Hospital,  BHEL
Date:  27th Jul 2010
In Association with BHEL Doctors Association

Topics: 1. Paediatric Cardiac Interventions by Dr.  Nitin K. Rao
            : 2. Cardiac Surgery in Neonates - Indian Perspective by Dr.  Anil Kumar

Venue:  Hotel City Pride Airport Road,  Nanded
Date:  4th Sep 2010
In Association with Indian academy of Paediatrics - Nanded

Topics: 1. Management of Status Epilepticus by Dr.  GVS Choudary
            : 2. Congenital Heart Diseases � Non Surgical Interventional Management by Dr.  Nitin K.  Rao

Venue:  IMA Hall  � Ongole
Date : 26thsep 2010
In Association with IMA � Ongole

Topic:  Role Of Laparoscopic Surgery in Obesity & Diabetes by Dr.  Narasaiah
Venue : Senate Hall �Dolphin Hotels Daba garden Visakhapatnam
Date:  3rd Oct 2010
In Association with  IMA - Visakhapatnam

Topic:  Common Arrhythmias in Practice by Dr. PVR Raju
Venue:  Conference Hall, BHEL Hospital, BHEL
Date:  19th Oct 2010
In Association with BHEL Hospital.

Topics: 1. Vistas in cardio � Thoracic surgery by Dr.  Gopichand Mannam
              2. CABG �Video Presentation by Dr.  Lokeswarrao Sajja
              3. Open House �Kidney The flame� by Dr.  A.  L.  Basile
Venue:  Conference Hall, Star Hospitals, Hyderabad
Date:  19th Jan 2011

Topics : 1. Role of Laparoscopic surgery in Obesity & Diabetes by Dr.  Narsaiah . B
             : 2. Trans Radial Approach for Coronary Interventions by Dr.  Ramesh Gudapati

Venue:  S. V.  Conference hall , S. V.  Complex,  Station Road,  Kurnool
Date:  30th Jan 2011
In Association with IMA, Kurnool

Topic:  Pediatric Cardiology Update by Dr. Vithal Rao Dandge
Venue:  Hotel Center Point, Nagapur
Date: 27th Mar 2011

Topic : 1. Obesity and Metobolic Syndrome - Medical Management by Dr.  Chandana Reddy
            : 2. Obesity - Surgical Management and Role of MITS in Surgical Disorders by Dr.  Narasaiah

Venue:  Katriya Hotels & Towers, Somajiguda Hyderabad
Date:  9th April 2011
In Association with Star Hospitals, Hyderabad

Topic : 1. Advances in Coronary Interventions by Dr.  Ramesh Gudapati
            : 2. Urinary Tract Infections by Dr.  V. Sasanka

Venue:  IMA Hall � Kothagudem
Date: 27th Mar 2011
In Association with  Star Hospitals, Hyderabad

Topic : 1. Approach to Congenital Heart Diseases by Dr.  Y. Sumanvyas
            : 2. Recent Advances in Cardiac Surgery by Dr.  BGK Raju

Venue:  IMA Hall - Bhimavaram
Date:  5th June 2011
In Association with  IMA - Bhimavaram

Topics: Role of Bariatric Surgery In Obesity & Diabetes by Dr.  Narsaiah . B
Venue:  Celebrity Boutique Hotel, Begumpet Hyderabad
Date:  25th June 2011
In Association with Plastic Surgeons Association � Twin Cities

Topics : 1. Role Of Bariatric Surgery in Obesity and Diabetes Management by Dr.  Narsaiah B
             :  2. Anesthesia Implication In Preoperative Management of Obesity  & Bariatric Surgery by
                 Dr. Satish Kumar Missula

Venue:  Katriya Hotel & Towers, Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Date:  5th Aug 2011
In Association with Indian Society of Anesthesiologists, Hyderabad City Branch

Topic :  Transient Ischemic Attack by Dr.  GVS Choudary & Dr.  Sukumarsura
Venue:  BHEL Conference Hall,  BHEL Hyderabad
Date: 8th Nov 2011
In Association with BHEL Doctors, BHEL Hospital,  BHEL , Hyderabad

Topic :  Recurrent UTI Evaluation by Dr.  VVSasanka
Venue:  BHEL Conference hall 
Date:  22nd Nov 2011
In Association with BHEL Doctors BHEL Hospital,  BHEL, Hyderabad

Topic :  Neurological Complaints Related to the Occupation by Dr.  GVS Choudary & SukumarSura
Venue:  Zonal Office premises in 1st floor,  Chandralok Building,  Paradise Circle
Date: 1st Dec 2011In Association With Star Hospitals

Topic:  Prevention of Heart Diseases by Dr.  Ramesh  Gudapati
Venue:  Star Hospitals, Hyderabad
Date : 15th Dec 2011
In Association With Star Hospitals, Hyderabad

Topics : 1. Prevention of Brain Stroke by Dr.  GVS Choudary
             : 2. Surgical Management of Common Neuralagias by Dr.  Sukumarsura

Venue:  Taj Deccan , Banjara Hills,  Hyderabad
Date :  22nd Jan 2012
In Association with IMA, Hyderabad North Branch




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