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One of the most essential organs that maintains the structural balance of our body is the spine. Issues with the spine can cause extreme distress in the daily functionality of a human being. Doing very simple things such as a short stroll becomes nearly impossible for them.

The department of spine surgery has had a comprehensive experience in handling an array of complex spinal disorders that have afflicted distress in the life of our patients. With an expertise in a range of spinal surgeries spanning from Discectomy to Spinal Fusion to C Spinal deformity Coral, we ensure to diagnose, operate and attend to our patients with extreme care and compassion.

Spearheaded by one of the most renowned spinal surgeons of both national and international acclamation, Dr.G.P.V. Subbaiah, the cases are handled with extreme dexterity and our doctors make zealous efforts to minimize surgical discomfort of all kind experienced by the patients. Specializing in minimally invasive & spine surgeries & C Deformity Corral we ensure a 360-degree healing process that is characterized by meticulous pre-op and post-op facilities, so you walk back into your life, healthy and happy.

Dr. G.P.V. Subbaiah

Consultant Spine Surgeon

Dr. Sukumar Sura

Consultant Neuro Spine & Brain Surgeon

Dr. Bala Rajasekhar Yetukuri

Consultant Neuro Spine &Brain surgeon

Dr. P.Murahari

Consultant Spine surgeon

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