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Why is maintaining bone health important after you hit 30?

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Bones are what give shape and support to a body; they give a proper structure and allow optimal movement. From protecting vital organs to holding muscles in place, bones play a critical role in one’s body functioning.

Foods that aid bone health

Bones store calcium and other nutrients needed by the body to keep it strong. As the body ages, bones cannot make new tissue as they once did. In order to keep bones strong and healthy over time, good diet, exercise, and making health-conscious choices becomes important.

Getting enough bone-supporting nutrients in a diet is the most important thing to keep them strong and healthy.

It is well known that Calcium-rich foods improve and maintain bone health. Foods like broccoli, eggs, cheese, yogurt, dark leafy greens, tuna, catfish, salmon, almond butter, milk, etc.

Nutrition as such plays a significant role in bone health, especially for people following a plant-based diet.
Healthy bones need nutrients, including:

  • vitamin A (carrots)
  • vitamin K (green leafy vegetables)
  • magnesium (chickpeas)
  • phosphorus (beans, lentils, almonds, etc)

Healthy bones mean a healthy and strong body

But for those who follow only a vegetarian or a fully plant-based (Vegan) diet, it is important to note that along with above mentioned foods, certain weight-bearing exercises are also needed.

Bone health and resistance training

It has been found that regular resistance training helps to preserve bone strength. This may be key to maintaining bone strength in people who follow a plant-based diet.

Those who practiced regular resistance training, at least once a week — using free weights, machines, or bodyweight exercises, have been shown to have higher bone strength and density than those who do not.

Examples of weight-bearing exercises include walking, running, jogging, and stair climbing. Resistance exercises like lifting weights or using resistance bands also help to build bone density.

Maintaining bone health

As the body ages, it is at a higher risk of having weakened and porous bones due to deterioration.
Neglecting bone health also means an increased risk of developing osteoporosis. It can lead to several broken bones, especially in the wrists, hips, and spine, as well as the associated complications.

Strength Training aids strong Bone health

There are many factors that affect the health and strength of bones. Some of the major factors to bone health include:

  • Diet: A poor diet, deficient in nutrients, can weaken bones over time.
  • Physical activity: Those who get plenty of exercise have stronger bones.
  • Gender: Women are at greater risk for weak bones and osteoporosis.
  • Weight: Greater risk for osteoporosis seen in those with less bone mass
  • Family history.
  • Hormones: Overproduction of thyroid hormones leads to bone loss. Women at menopause are at greater risk for osteoporosis.
  • Medications: Certain medications taken long-term can weaken bones.

Starting early is important to aid good bone health. After reaching the age of 30, bone mass tends to decline. Even with a decline, there are things that can be done and followed to maintain the strength that is needed, as mentioned above.

Most important: Consult with a Doctor

A doctor can administer a bone density test that will help identify risk level and suggest steps to improve bone health. For scheduling a health check-up or a consultation with a specialist, please contact Star Hospitals at
+91-9100 911 911.




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