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When you are busy caring about Sports, we care for what you need the most – Resilience and Stamina

The body of a sportsperson is unique which is why the care that it needs is also unique. Some of the most important aspects of the life of a sportsperson are stamina, resilience and a “Never to retreat” attitude. These defining features ideally determine the success or failure in the field of sports. Therefore, we bring to you a combination of medical services that can assist you in overcoming major to minor speed bumps as a sportsperson. The fact that we have a dedicated approach to your issues opens up opportunities that are pioneering and are cut out to resolve professional sports injuries in an efficient manner.

It is understood through experience that any injury alters the way an individual plays a sport. Our mission is to fill in these gaps of “before and after” an injury so much so that it no longer poses a possible threat to your career. Some of the most common injuries that occur include: Ligament sprains, ACL & PCL tears, Rotator cuff tears, Meniscus Tears, Shoulder Dislocations, Frozen Shoulder, Cartilage Injuries, Hamstring Muscle Strains, Elbow Tendinitis and Heel Pain. Moreover, when the overall performance of an individual involved in a sports activity is reduced through injuries, we help in enhancing the ability to make a “Star” re-entry in to the field you love the most with the health and fitness you need intact.

Cells have regenerative potential, we have employed this quality in the “Stem Cell Treatment” that we provide. Stem cell therapy allows body to heal itself, it saves joints by regeneration and preservation, and helps avoid replacement of joints. With the help of “Image Guiding Injections”, we can potentially reduce the pain that you experience through ‘blind’ procedures earlier. Every sportsperson has a maximum athletic performance, and through our dedicated approach, we help you reach that through certain fitness tests that go hand in hand with the sports nutritionists and psychologists that ensure your physical and mental health. As they say, that “Prevention is better than Cure”, we assist you in educating you with the techniques that help you prevent injuries in the future while taking extreme care of the vulnerable areas of your body susceptible to possible injuries. Our efforts involve a combination of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery, rehabilitative medicine and basic science research which explains our dedicated approach to all your future sportiest endeavours.

Dr. Ajay Singh Thakur

Consultant Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Surgeon