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Critical Care

Critical Care

The Critical Care Department is a multi-disciplinary healthcare facility that cares for patients with acute life-threatening illnesses. STAR hospitals is equipped with a total of 54 beds that are set up to provide the required comfort for acutely ill patients, who require constant observation and intensive nursing care. We are also equipped with the most advanced life support devices.as well. Evidence-based care is provided to patients who are in critical or unstable conditions, such as patients with trauma, post-surgery, stroke, heart failure, organ failure, and infections. A round-the-clock monitoring and support team is always on the look for providing the requisite care, all of which is delivered by a team of highly qualified healthcare providers who are dedicated and specialized while using sophisticated, advanced, therapeutic monitoring and diagnostic technology. The objective of STAR hospital Critical Care is to maintain the organ system functioning of the patient in a manner that is uninterrupted and prompt.

  • The ICUs are enabled with advanced life support equipment such as ventilators. Besides dialysis, it includes SLED and CRRT, IABP, and ECMO.
  • For improved diagnosis and monitoring, ICUs are incorporated with sophisticated diagnostic and monitoring equipment such as 2D Echo, besides ultrasonography, arterial blood gas analysis, capnography, basic and advanced hemodynamic monitoring devices.
  • Facilities such as bronchoscopy/endoscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic use are available.
  • The trauma ICU unit is equipped with EEG monitoring including video EEG.
  • Affiliated imaging services include equipment such as X-ray radiography, CT and extended MRI services. The picture achieving and communication system is used for easy and instant radiology access for all health care providers.
  • Laboratory medicine services are available round the clock, including clinical biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, serology and immunology.
  • All our patients are provided 1:1 nursing care with complete patient monitoring.
  • Prevention of infection is given priority at all levels of care.
  • The ICU beds are electrically operated with a bi-contour profiling system, specially chosen to facilitate patient comfort and also to assume CPR Positive with the click of a button.
  • Other equipment such as alternating pressure mattresses, and SCD device warmers are available for supportive care.
  • The ICUs have a quality assurance program with regular audits, which addresses all issues selected for patient care including reduction of morbidity & duration of ICU stay.

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