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To have a healthy heart, is to have a healthy lifestyle.

How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

The lifestyle each person follows is determined by how strong their heart is, as it is the source or foundation of how every body part functions. The stronger the heart, the better and active the lifestyle is! Maintaining good heart health is the key to preventing most heart-related disorders caused due to lifestyle fluctuations.

What does being ‘Physically Active’ mean for Heart-Health?

It is quite common for a person to envision being ‘physically active’ and getting regular exercise as being ‘ripped’ or getting a six-pack or simply to lose weight. However, what regular exercise does is, it helps strengthen the heart muscles, boosts musculoskeletal health and adds flexibility to the body.

So, why wait to take this major step towards good heart health? It is advisable to start with regular movement, with moving about every 1 hour for a 5 minute walk around, if getting back to physical activity after a long bout of sedentary life. It doesn’t really help if on the first day, a person does full-scale exercise, at high intensity. Sore muscles and cramps the next day would not allow for even a minimal movement.

It is best to build a gradually intensifying workout plan. A combination of these styles of exercise is recommended for good heart-health:

  • Aerobic Exercise (Running, jogging, sports, etc)
  • Strength or Weight-training (weight-trainings with dumb-bells or chin-ups and push-ups)
  • Flexibility Exercise (Yoga, pilates, generic stretching exercises)
How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

A combination of exercises are essential to receiving complete fitness. While aerobic and strength or resistance training are important for heart health, flexibility exercises provide a solid foundation for the above two. Flexibility adds durability and cushions the muscles from wear and tear.

Points of note for improving heart-health:

Any exercise that gets the circulation within the body going, is good. Having good and improved circulation means blood pressure decreases, reducing risk of diabetes.

  • Daily target of 30-40 minutes of walking at least 5-days in a week is great for making the heart feel better!
  • Waist measurement can be an indicator of risk for heart disease. Even a 2-3% weight loss can help greatly in managing the risks for blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  • Men with more than 40 inches and women with more than 35 inches of waist circumference are at a greater risk for heart disease.

It is time for a year ending and a new one to begin. Seems like the best time to make a promise to self to work towards making life easier and full of health. It’s time to make better health decisions that in turn help the heart pump better!

How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

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