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Baby Samara, who hails from Kenya, was diagnosed with a serious heart collision condition requiring immediate medical intervention. Samara, accompanied by her mother and aunt visited Star Hospitals for her treatment. She had to undergo Truncus Repair, which was a high risk surgery, performed by Dr. Nitin Rao. The surgery turned out to be successful, much to the relief of everyone. With a visibly happy and relieved face, Samara’s mother thanked Dr. Nitin Rao and lauded him for his impeccable precision and high quality standards. She has hailed the nurses for their unrelenting services, marked by compassion and empathy. Post the surgery, the baby looked healthier and energetic, with constant improvements in the form of increased appetite and weight gain.

Patient – Daya Mungi Samara Lilana

Doctors – Dr. Nitin Rao, Dr. B. R . Jagannath


Farhiyo could not move one side of her body, which eventually turned numb due to lack of movement. She has come from Kenya and visited Star Hospitals, along with her uncle Abdisalama. She successfully underwent Decompressive Laminectomy, which was performed by Dr. Bala Rajashekar. After the surgery, there was a visible improvement in her movement. She could move her legs and hands slightly, much to her surprise. It was indeed an emotional and euphoric moment for Farhiyo and her uncle to see her movements. Both of them conveyed their gratitude to the doctor and the international desk of Star Hospitals comprising Uma, Raju and Ajay, who were instrumental in facilitating her treatment at the hospital.

Patient – Farhiyo Liban Mohamed

Doctor – Dr. Bala Rajashekar


Mustafa Ahmed Aden has travelled all the way from Somalia to undergo Minimally Invasive Cardiac Procedure (MICS) procedure for a prolonged heart condition which was ailing him for more than 10 years. The procedure was carried out by Dr. Gopichand Maman after thorough preliminary investigations. Mustafa looked hale and hearty after the surgery, with a hint of happiness and contentment in his face. He expressed his deepest gratitude to the doctors and the entire staff of Star Hospitals for their best-in-class treatment and top notch services and post-operative care provided.

Patient – Mustafa Ahmed Aden

Doctors – Dr. Gopi Chand Maman

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