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Creating awareness about Cardiac Ailments is the need of the hour among Young Indians.

How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy. It may be a generic quote people say, but the truth in it is profound and life altering.

Every body’s ability to perform efficiently is owed to the proper functioning of the heart. Each pump of the heart is what makes it possible to achieve individual successes at every age. Although Heart ailments are generally ascribed to those older in age, recent surveys and medical cases have seen an alarming rise of heart attacks and cardiac arrests among the younger population (aged late-20’s to mid-40’s). Hence, it is crucial for all to be aware of the why’s and what to do to prevent or manage such occurrences.

Sudden Cardiac Arrests and Heart Attacks are on the rise among youngsters in India due to increased cases of diabetes, alcohol and substance abuse, smoking, hypertension and a lack of regular physical activity due to hectic work schedules. Or they could occur due to pre-existing heart conditions (hereditary reasons).

What is the difference between a Heart Attack & a Cardiac Arrest?

Before asking how to avoid these situations, it is important to understand what defines a Heart Attack and a Cardiac Arrest, their differences and causes.

Lifestyle that is a harbinger for cardiac ailments among the younger generation is majorly a sedentary living situation.
Heart Attack Cardiac Arrest
Happens when blood flow to the heart is stopped or blocked. Occurs when the heart stops beating.
Symptoms include sudden chest pain, discomfort in the chest area, arm and neck pain, dizziness, etc. Symptoms include extreme difficulty in breathing and sudden loss of consciousness; no pulse.
Recovery from heart attack is more manageable. Can cause near-immediate death or severe disability, lasting life-long.

The rise in cases of heart ailments among Younger population seen in recent times, is more to do with Sudden Cardiac Arrest causing them to collapse in the middle of the streets or during celebratory events.

Causes and How to deal with these occurrences?

Sudan Cardiac Arrests occur without a warning, completely stopping the heart from beating. Erratic heartbeats are triggered by electrical malfunction that stops a heart from pumping blood. The first 6 minutes of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) are the most crucial in saving a person’s life.

Managing SCA involves the most important step of CPR to be administered within the first 6 minutes of the attack. This can greatly improve the chances of survival.

For any life threatening conditions, it is important to immediately seek medical attention. Regular consultations with a cardiologist should be a priority in such cases.

Some conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest in young people are:

  • Heart Rhythm Disorders
  • Blunt Chest Injury - occurs mostly during playing sports like football, dodge ball or other activities which involve fast flying sporting objects.
  • Congenital Heart issues - birth defects or thickened heart muscles, etc.
The rise in heart ailments among Young Indians is more due to Sudden cardiac Arrests.

It is advisable to keep track of hereditary conditions and maintain a balanced lifestyle to help prevent such dire health conditions. As always, keeping up with regular health check-ups and doctor consultations is a good way to manage any known health conditions that might trigger heart ailments.

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