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How to follow through with our 2023 New Year resolutions!

How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

Easy to make and easier to break! That’s what New Year resolutions have been all about these past years till 2022. Come 2023, there’s yet another chance for people striving to see them through. Understanding the need for these resolutions and setting easily achievable goals are the key to following through on the list of Resolutions!

Why are New Year resolutions so hyped about?

New Year resolutions are all the rage due to the general procrastination mindset - ‘Shall start that from Monday’! Mondays and New Year day signify a ‘fresh start’ or a ‘new beginning’ to a lot of people. A clean state, so to speak!

Starting off fresh at the beginning of a year usually helps keep the mind uncluttered. This clean slate can help in making a promise or determining to achieve a set of goals early on to be followed through year-long.

However, setting unrealistic or unachievable targets can make them highly difficult to see through.

How to set New Year Goals that can be achievable?

Achieving anything, gaining success in any goal is never an easy task. It always becomes fruitful through,

  • Hard work
  • Setting small, meaningful targets
  • Making effort to incorporate related tasks on a regular basis
How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

For New Year’s, most common resolutions are to do with living a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy is the only way to have a meaningful life. Some of the resolutions are:

  • Staying in shape
  • Losing weight
  • Quitting to smoke
  • Quitting alcohol consumption
  • Running marathons

For example, instead of targeting to lose 3 kgs weight in a month, 1 kg per month weight loss is more meaningful. Further breaking it down, 6000 steps per day with intake of a good portion of fruits and veggies along with regular food, seems more doable!

What are some achievable health goals to try this New Year?

In order to avoid getting frustrated with maintain a steady pace for achieving unrealistic goals, here are some moderately easy ways to reaching a healthy lifestyle:

Rethink Dieting: Dieting doesn’t need to be cutting back on all the foods we enjoy. It can be planned to include fully-balanced meals that provide fiber, protein, carbs and fat in regulated amounts. That way, it is possible to enjoy ‘guilty-pleasures’ while also providing a healthy intake to the body.

Move more and sit less: Keeping physically active can go a long way in letting the body become less lethargic. This benefits proper Thyroid functioning as well, thereby preventing a build-up of unwanted fat. Moving every 5 min per hour is doable, isn’t it?

Avoid screen-time at least an hour before sleeping: This helps in having a more qualitative sleep while also allowing the body to cool down without the added stress.

Avoid negative body-talk: To talk positively about oneself does a lot of good to people’s mindset. This prevents body shaming at a personal level, thereby encouraging others to avoid saying negative comments about it as well.

How kidneys affect a healthy lifestyle?

Maintain good Oral Hygiene: This is a thing that’s already on a daily to-do list since waking up! All it needs is to be made sustainable - include massaging gums and flossing to avoid tartar and food build-up. Healthy oral environment is a great way to avoid heart and gut disorders in the long run.

It is highly important to know why a person is making a particular resolution! Is it due to external influence - by a friend or a social media trend or something else? Or is it something that came from within?

It is suggested that if an idea started due to self-realization and that adds meaning to life, it has more chance of succeeding that something that began due to peer-pressure.

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