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Home Patient and Visitors


In this section we provide a range of information that will help tell you what to expect when you come to STAR Hospitals. This includes coming for an appointment (outpatient), staying overnight (inpatient) or for surgery (sometimes known as elective care) at our hospital. We have also provided information for people visiting friends and relatives. This also explains what it would be useful for you to bring with you, the staff who might be treating you and what will happen during your stay. Each patient and individual case is different and we aim to make your experience/stay at STAR Hospitals as comfortable and easy for you as possible.


Before your Appointment:

Your care is our main priority. We endeavour to make your stay as comfortable as possible when you arrive. We have prepared some information about our hospital and what to expect during your stay which we hope will answer any questions you have.


Plan to reach the hospital at the advised time.


The patient should be accompanied by an attendant to help settle in.

  • Do not bring any ornaments or valuables, food, bedding, medicines or flowers.
  • Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed in the hospital except as a patient.
  • Bring a list of your prescribed medication, preferably in generic names. Medicines will be provided by the hospital only
  • Any prescription or non-prescription medicines or remedies you are taking, in the original pharmacy container only
  • Any high tech medicine, in the original pharmacy container only
  • A list of any other medicines or herbal remedies you are currently taking Medical Information
  • Please bring with you all your previous medical reports
  • Copies of any relevant information you may have e.g. x-rays, medical records/reports, current prescriptions, etc. to be carried
Health Insurance (for those under a health insurance scheme)

We have an in-house TPA desk to assist you in processing your health insurance claims. Please note that the following will need to be taken into consideration for processing your health insurance claims:

  • An evaluation by our consultant is required to complete a treatment plan. This would then be communicated to your insurance provider for the processing of approvals
  • Out-patients wanting prior approval from insurers must ensure that all relevant medical information, both current and previous, must be sent to the Insurance Desk in charge for review by the concerned consultant at STAR and further action
  • Processing for insurer approvals may take up to 2 working days by the insurer TPA. For your convenience you are requested to provide all required information to the Insurance help desk at least 3 days prior to the planned admission
  • In order for the TPA to approve the procedure amount, minimum 24 hrs hospitalization is required with the exception of a few daycare procedures like cataract
  • Please note that barring emergencies, Insurance TPA do not process claim on Saturday afternoon, Sundays and public holidays
The following documents are a must for the insurance claims:
  1. Policy Papers
  2. TPA I-Card
  3. Photo ID proof
  4. Previous Medical reports.
  • Insurance patients who do not have prior approvals must make a caution deposit or pay procedure charges in advance. This will be refunded by cheque within 3 working days from the receipt of the approval from the insurer or the credit company
  • Please note that a 10.30 % service tax is levied on the amount approved by the TPA
  • Our insurance helpdesk staff will be available at 44777777 ext. 171 and 172 between 9 am to 8 pm on all working days for your assistance
STAR Hospitals is an accredited centre by the following Health Insurance:
  1. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd
  2. Cholamandalam Insurance Company Ltd
  3. Family Health Plan Ltd 5. Health India
  4. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd
  5. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
  6. MD India Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd
  7. Medsave TPA Services
  8. Paramount Health Care
  9. Raksha TPA Services (Oriental Insurance, New India Insurance)
  10. STAR Health And Allied Insurance Company
  11. United Healthcare India Pvt Ltd


Your care is most important to us. We strive to bring world-class medical facilities and world-leading specialists to you. It is important that you are involved in your care as much as you want to be.

  • You will have to register yourself or your dependent/relative or friend as an inpatient at the IP admission counter at -1 Level and will be given a registration number.
  • You will have to be of legally permissible age to sign the General consent at the time of admission. This will be countersigned by the adult patient at the earliest if not done during the registration.
  • The IP registration number is attached to all the facilities you have availed of during this admission stay.
  • You will have to quote this number during later visits to the hospital either in the outpatient or in the inpatient to facilitate ease of access to records of the prior inpatient care.
  • All necessary link documents for payment approvals between your insurer or your company must be presented at the time of admission.
  • Payments can be made either by cash or card. Relevant transaction charges will be applicable for card payments.
  • You are requested to report to the allotted bed at the earliest. Our staff will escort you.
  • You will be issued ONE attendant pass only. Only one attendant is allowed at a time.


During your stay at STAR Hospitals, we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. The doctors who work closely with your consultant will treat you on a day-to-day basis. Please ask the team caring for you if you would like to discuss your care or have any questions answered.

  • All effort is made to ensure your comfort during your stay with us.
  • Our consultants and duty doctors will visit you daily and as frequently as required to see that you get the best medical care.
  • You will be attended to by dietitians, Nursing and Paramedical staff who are motivated to maintain high standards of care.
  • Our patient relationship executives for the entire duration of your stay keep you informed about the facilities being provided. Any doubts in relation to costs will be addressed by the Billing Manager within the same day.
  • Diet is provided by the hospital for the patient only as per clinical requirements. Please inform the dietitian of your personal preferences and we will do our best to accommodate them during the preparation of your diet.


Discharge Date and Time

Your discharge date will be decided between you and your Consultant, who is responsible for your care during your stay. We kindly ask for your cooperation in vacating your room by 11 am to allow us time to prepare for the next patient admitted into our care. On the day of your discharge please get in touch with the Admissions/Discharge Office, located in the main reception area, to allow the staff to settle your account.

Feedback Forms / Comment Cards

We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding any aspect of our care and services and would appreciate you taking the time to complete a feedback form before you leave. These are located in your room or will be handed to you by patient relation executives or the nurse in charge of your care.

Getting Home

Where possible try and arrange for a family member or friend to collect you. If you would like to travel by taxi the ward staff will be happy to arrange this for you.


You have received an appointment to attend our outpatient clinic. We hope you find this information about the hospital and what to expect during your visit helpful and if you do have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask a member of our staff.

What to bring
When you arrive at STAR Hospitals, please make sure to bring the following:
  • Medical records, including x-rays, lab reports and any written medical history.
  • A list of any medications you are taking.
  • A list of any allergies to medications.
  • Insurance information, including ID cards, forms and policy numbers.
  • Your own questions to discuss during your visit.
  • Your co-payment.
  • The name, address and phone number of the physician who referred you to STAR Hospitals.
About Your Visit

If this is your first visit to STAR Hospitals, please plan to arrive about half an hour before your scheduled appointment in order to register and complete the necessary insurance and billing information. Please allow extra time for commuting during rush hour. Upon arrival you must register; registration desks are located on the 1st Floor and 3rd Floor.

Registration Process
  • You can either walk in for a consultation or take a prior appointment by phone at 040-44777777 or online at- info@starhospitals.in.
  • On reaching the hospital, please report to the OPD reception desk located on the ground floor or first floor.
  • The patient has to fill in all the required details in the patient registration form.
  • Based on the patient's request or the nature of the complaint the receptionist will register you under the required consultant doctor.
  • A unique patient (MR) number is generated along with the OPD registration card and receipt for registration and doctor’s appointment.
  • The patient is then directed to the concerned OPD.
  • The patient’s arrival is recorded in the doctor's OPD register along with the patient's name and MR Number.
  • The patients are called by the doctor’s secretary for consultation on a first come first serve basis.
  • Due to unavoidable circumstances in relation to the care of sick patients in the hospital by your consultant doctor, there is a possibility of an increase in waiting time. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  • Patients who are in need of urgent attention will be given priority. Please cooperate.
  • You can avail of the different types of health packages, details of which are available at the reception counter, alternatively, you can also check our website for the same information.
  • The OPD timings for consultation is 9 am to 4 pm.
  • In case you undergo investigations in the laboratory or imaging services, you will be given a promised time for the reports.


Visiting is an important part of the hospital experience. We welcome visitors to patients but have set visiting times in place to help ensure patients get adequate rest and that staff can carry out the tasks they need to through the day.

  • Do keep your hands clean.
  • Do ask advice from the Ward Sister/ Nurse before going into an isolation room.
  • Do leave if we ask. We may need to give care or treatment to your relative or friend, or to another patient. To ensure privacy and dignity we may ask you to wait outside for a few minutes.
  • Do respect hospital property and ensure you leave all areas clean and tidy.
  • Do check with ward staff before you bring in flowers or plants. Certain wards cannot allow plants or flowers due to the risk of infection.
  • Don't visit if you are suffering from any infection or if you have been in contact with an infectious illness
  • Don't use ward toilets - these are for patients only. Please use the nearest public toilets. Ask a member of staff to direct you.
  • Don't share patient toiletries, tissues, towels and other personal items with other patients.
  • Don't sit or lie on the patient's bed.
  • Don't touch wounds, dressings or any other medical equipment such as drips or catheters.
  • Don't visit in work clothes which may be dirty.
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